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The Moscow State Academy of Law (MSAL) was founded in 1939 as a successor of the Judicial Courses, which have been existing since 1931. Today, the MSAL is the biggest and most famous University of Law within the territory of the former Soviet Union. About 17.500 students are learning different juridical disciplines behind the walls of the MSAL now.
Rector of the Moscow State Academy of Law is Member of Russian Academy of Science, Professor, Doctor of Law, Scientist Emeritus of Russia Kutafin Oleg Yemelyanovich.

The Chair of the European Union law of the MSAL was founded in 1997 on initiative of the Rector of the MSAL and from the first days the Chair was supported by the Dutch Bureau "CROSS" and the Ministry for Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands. At the same time, the course of the EU law was entered in the educational curricula of the MSAL.
The Chair of the EU law of the MSAL carries on teaching, designed for professional education in "Law" at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels, major - "International law. European law". Also, the Chair of the EU law conducts academic studies in different fields of the EU law, translates basic EU acts (both a primary law and a secondary law) from EU languages into Russian, publishes documents and research materials.

In the framework of the Chair of the EU law was established the Centre of the EU law, which aggregated current information on the EU law and the harmonization of the EU law and The Russian law.

The web site is created within CROSS-3 project, European Law II, with financial support and in cooperation with the Agency CROSS and the Centre for International Legal Cooperation, CILC (the Netherlands,
We express our thanks to the Director of CILC Dr. Jan van Olden, deputy director Hester Minnema, project coordinators Erik Vinken and Dimitry Kounine and professor of Catholic University (Loeven) Eddy de Smijter, who made an invaluable contribution to the creation of this web site.

An english version of the web site was created by the initiative group:

Kashkin Sergey Yu., coordinator;
Suprun Vadim V., technical support;
Kalinichenko Paul A., texts, materials, translations.
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