Результаты исследовательской работы RU-EPPJMO-CHAIR

Кафедра Жана Монне

(Jean Monnet Chair)

Проект номер 575077-EPP-1-2016-1-RU-EPPJMO-CHAIR

(Project number 575077-EPP-1-2016-1-RU-EPPJMO-CHAIR)

Petrov R. and Kalinichenko P. On Similarities and Differences of the European Union and Eurasian Economic Union Legal Orders: Is There the “Eurasian Economic Union Acquis”? Legal Issues of Economic Integration. 2016: 43(3): 295–308 .

Kalinichenko P. Post-Crimean Twister: Russia, the EU and the Law of Sanctions. Russian Law Journal. 2017;5(3):9-28.

Kalinichenko P. ‘The Constitutional Order of the Russian Federation and its adaptability to European and Eurasian integration projects’ in Roman Petrov and Peter Van Elsuwege (eds), Post-Soviet Constitutions and Challenges of Regional Integration: Adapting to European and Eurasian integration projects (Routledge, London/NY 2018) 168-182.

Kalinichenko P., Petrov R., Karliuk M. International Law in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus: Modern Integration Projects. Russian Law Journal. 2019;7(3):107-133.  

Европейский Союз и Россия в глобальном контексте: внутренние и внешние вызовы: сборник научных работ / под общей редакцией П.А. Калиниченко, О.В. Корнеева, А.С. Леонова. – Москва, 2019

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